Aniva Lighthouse

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1 day


May - September



Trip overview

Duration: 12 hours.
Total distance: 117 km
Season: May — September

Itinerary 1-day program

Day 1

Route: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — Korsakov — Ozerskoye settlement — from Novikovo — Cape Aniva.
Aniva Lighthouse (Jap. Naka-Siretoko Misaki) is not only the most original and complex technical roject of the Karafuto period, but also an outstanding world achievement in the practice of lighthouse construction of that time. The need to build a lighthouse was due to unpredictable insidious currents, with the mixing of the waters of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and Aniva Bay, frequent fogs and stone banks, heavy traffic. The author of the project is Japanese engineer Miura Shinobu.

The journey begins in the village of Novikovo, which took its name in honor of the legendary cruiser Novik, who in this place fought a Japanese ship in the Russo-Japanese war of 1905. Having gone out to sea on a boat and having walked 35 kilometers past the abandoned village of Yuzhnoye, Cape Marble from Slyda, after about an hour and a half two we overtake the goals of our trip — the lighthouse on Cape Aniva! We go around him. After that we approach and land at the lighthouse. We examine the sights of the lighthouse. On the way back we admire the capes Marble and mica. During sea crossings we can meet sea lions, gulls, seals, dolphins, whales and killer whales.

Lunch at Cape Marble (lunch ration).

The price of the tour 

1 283 USD/person in a group of 1 pax

643 USD/person in a group of 2 pax

428 USD/person in a group of 3 pax

360 USD/person in a group of 4 pax

326 USD/person in a group of 5 pax

304 USD/person in a group of 6 pax

Tour cost includes:  

-Transfers according to the program

-Tours and trips as listed in the program

-English speaking guide

-Meals as listed in the program (lunch box)


NOT included:   

-Everything that is not mentioned in the itinerary





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