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English is the primary language spoken on all of our tours but also we have 

German, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Italian speaking guides.

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Alexander Panchenko 🇬🇧

Hi there! My name’s Aleksandr Panchenko. I’ m a sertified English speaking guide. I started working with tourists in 2017 and since that I’ve introduced Khabarovsk to people from Australia,Canada,Turkey,the
Czech Republic and Israel. Our region has magnificent nature and unique history so if you want to get a
better understanding of Russian culture then the Far East is the right place to visit. If you guys come here, I’ll be happy to show you around the city, take you to the Amur river bridge or to the Nanai village with its ancient petroglyphs. I’ ll gladly answer all your questions about our history,culture and everyday life in the Russian Far East and I’ll do my best for you to enjoy your trip.

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Olga Kozlovskaya 🇯🇵

Hi! My name is Olga Kozlovskaya.I spent nearly 6 years in Kansai doing interships and working for a
Japanese trade company. After that, I came back to Russia and did a Japanese speaking guide course.I’ve
been working as a JSG since 2005. I really enjoy taking Japanese tourist around my home city
Khabarovsk and its nearest areas. And it’s my great pleasure to introduce them our
culture,history,customs and traditions.

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Sergey Sherbina 🇩🇪

Shcherbina Sergey Yuryevich is a Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of Romano-Germanic Philology and Intercultural Communication, Faculty of Philology, Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication, Pedagogical University of Pacific National University. Specialization: German language (graduate of the Humboldt University, Berlin), numerous internships at universities in Germany (Augsburg, Duisburg-Essen). Works as a teacher, interpreter and translator, translation of negotiations, accompaniment of delegations (including official and government delegations of Germany and the Republic of Austria), works as a guide.

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Daria Bogatova 🇯🇵
Marina 🇯🇵


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